Don´t need much

After painting this picture today, ISnapchat-8106274936334462504 was fascinated by how few tools you actually need to paint a decent painting. Without blowing my own horn to much, I thought this was my best painting yet.

When i say few tools, I´m talking about both brushes, palette knifes and paint. TIMG_17731he whole picture is painted with a combination of blue, ivory black, titanium white, a small amount of yellow, and some burnt sienna. The rest of the tools, is presented on the picture to the right.

If someone is interested in reading the step-by-step procedure of how I painted the picture, which is inspired by the book The Art of Painting Landscapes, Seascapes and Skyscapes in Oil & Acrylic , here it is:IMG_19971

For the sky, use a blend of blue, white and a little bit of ivory black. Start from the left, and paint gradually more and more to the right, blending in more white as you go. This will make the light source from the right become more clear. For the skies, use a blend of white and ivory black, and highlight the edges of them with pure white at the end.

For the rear mountains, use a blend of blue, white and black, with an emphasis on the blue paint to start with. paint in the same direction as with the skyline, and blend in more of the black paint as you go. Remember to leave out a blank space for the crashing wave, which will be painted on later. IMG_40021

For the rocks to the right, use a blend of ivory black and white. Then paint in highlighted rock formations and stones to make it pop out. For the sea I used a blend of blue, ivory black and white for the dark parts, lighting the blend up more as i came nearer to the shore. This sea blend can also be used to highlight the rocks. You can also use a small brush to add some white breaking waves out on the sealine.

The front stones is based on a blend of ivory black, white and burnt sienna. You can use a palette knife to apply the paint over the rock area of the canvas, and the use the brush to form different rock shapes. The rocks can be highlighted by the sea color from earlier, a blend of ivory black and white, and a blend of blue, yellow, brunt sienna and white. This is for the lightest parts. Snapchat-8106274936334462504

When you are done you can use a small brush to paint in some foam and crashing waves in the shore area. For the big wave, I used a blend of yellow and white for the foam, and the dark sea blend for painting in the dark tones of the crashing wave.

So, as you can see, you don´t need much to have a nice day of painting. On this one, I used about six hours.

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