Mountain clouds

2016-07-17 17.10.20In an attempt to get the most out of few colors (since im slowly running out of paint) I came up with the idea of painting some mountains seen from above. I´ve always painted mountains from an angle where you look up at them, but with this one I wanted to do it a bit different.

I´ve also started to use linen oil while painting, so putting in some clouds between the mountain tops also seemed like a good opportunity to practise making some other skylines then the regular blue ones. 2016-07-17 16.13.38

After painting in all the mountains and clouds, I thought it looked pretty good, but kind of dull. So i decided to put in something that stood out against all the black and white. The solution became one of my big fears: painting a person. I was almost certain that my lack of skills would ruin the whole thing, so I thought I might as well make it pop out with some red paint. It ended up beeing a really basic shape of a man, but I think the solution ended up beeing a good choice, seeing the end result.

Into the mountains

2016-07-16 18.43.39A painting that originally were supposed to be looking onto a big field of grass, with the big mountain in the back. But as I went along it did not look like it was going to turn out good at all. The solution soon became the color black, helping me making the whole canvas turn into a walk in the mountains.

In an attempt to get some practise out of it, I started painting shapes into the rocks. Making it into a more bumpy horizon. I thought it turned out ok. Im a little disappointed with the leaves on the tree, which I think I may have been painted on with a slight lack of concentration. A little to uncontrolled, with some strong colors.

2016-07-16 17.26.09I was wondering if it turned out to be a mistake putting in the tree, since I was kind of happy with the painting the way it was beforehand. When I look back though, theres no doubt it would have been a much more boring and flat painting. I also considered putting in some bushes at the end, but thought it best not to push my luck. All in all im quite pleased though.

Purple stream


An afternoon used painting what I wanted to look like a pretty realistic and natural streamside. After googling around, I saw this painting with a hazy purple background, and got inspired to try it out. I also wanted to paint a stream with a lot of reflections, making it as realistic as possible. So this is the result (I think it turned out ok):

Out of blue..

Since I ran out of blue paint a while ago, but still wanted to paint some water, I tried painting a sunset lake today.

2016-07-01 17.52.24
I used about four or five hours painting it, spending a lot of time trying to make the dilapidated dock look good. It

went so-and-so. I may also have missed quite a bit regarding the shadowing from the dock, which may have been painted in a straighter line.

However, I tried using lenin oil for the first time today, and I´m really happy with the possibilities it gives you in putting in details on the painting. The light in the ocean, the light on the dock, the waves, everything is easier to put in with lenin oil, without ruining the colors beneath. To be able to paint over paint that way really makes it all look a bit better.