Into the mountains

2016-07-16 18.43.39A painting that originally were supposed to be looking onto a big field of grass, with the big mountain in the back. But as I went along it did not look like it was going to turn out good at all. The solution soon became the color black, helping me making the whole canvas turn into a walk in the mountains.

In an attempt to get some practise out of it, I started painting shapes into the rocks. Making it into a more bumpy horizon. I thought it turned out ok. Im a little disappointed with the leaves on the tree, which I think I may have been painted on with a slight lack of concentration. A little to uncontrolled, with some strong colors.

2016-07-16 17.26.09I was wondering if it turned out to be a mistake putting in the tree, since I was kind of happy with the painting the way it was beforehand. When I look back though, theres no doubt it would have been a much more boring and flat painting. I also considered putting in some bushes at the end, but thought it best not to push my luck. All in all im quite pleased though.

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