Icy river

After painting after painting after painting turning out completely useless, I finally ended up with with a canvas I was pleased with. I´ve been short on white painting lately, so I just used up half my new tube in this one to compensate, I guess.20161118_113021_1479465091248

The whole thing is basically painted with black and white paint. The only exceptions are some blue tones in the skies and some green tone in the closest trees.

I used a brush to paint the skyline, a palette knife to paint the mountains and my fingers painting the icy river. For the trees i used a fan brush, and for the bushes a filbert brush. I also used the palette knife to scrape in some grass in the bottom left corner.

Basically I just can´t stop painting mountains, because I think it´s such fun. I still have a long way to go regarding making the perfect snowy mountains, but i think i´ve comme a long way.

I´ve never used such few colors in a painting either, but I think it was a really fun experience.

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