Sea breeze

After watching another tutorial video on YouTube, this time by Wilson Bickford painting really cool waves, I wanted to copy the achievement.

So this is how it ended up:


Since Bickford only shows the technique of painting waves on a already painted background in the video, I kind of painted my own backround based on yhe look of his one. With a blend of cerulean blue and white for the skyline, and a blend of ultramarine blue, sap green, black and white for the sea.

I´m very pleased with this one, and it´s all thanks to a very good tutorial from mr. Bickford. A great way to learn to construct the anatomy of waves, which works on both small and big proportions.

I can see that it may be missing something in terms of something to catch the center of the painting. Maybe a boat of some kind, or a bird flying by real close.

That may cause me to pick it up again for a last session, but for today, with the time I had available and the end result, I kind of want to just leave it as it is.

Sunlight struggle

After watching a very inspirational tutorial video on YouTube with Kevin Hill, I wanted to paint an equally magnificent painting of a sunray forest.

Well, it didn´t. It ended up looking like this:


I´m not actually that horrified with it, but in contrast to the one Hill is making out on the screen in front of me it just looks plain awful in the end.

I haven´t decided yet if I want to keep it or throw it away. The light rays didn´t work out the way i wanted on the first try, so i had another go at it. But that also made the existing paint on the canvas drag along with it. Making it all blury. The leafs are also pretty poor, and something i´ve yet to get right.

So now i either have to pick it up again to make a kind of makeover on it, or throw it in the bin. I guess I could try to make out some nice trees with some nice leafs in the front to kind of cover up the blury backround, but the question is if it´s actually any use?