A tribute to Svetlana

I’ve been searching around on the internet lately, to find some inspirational paintings. This one from Svetlana Kanyo, called “lake view”, is one which seem to come back to me about every time.

So today I tried to paint it, as kind of a tribute. This is how it looked:

IMG_0159It did’nt turn out as good as Svetlanas version, but, in regard of mye own abilities, i’m pleased with it. So thank you Svetlana, for painting an awesome painting.

Simple sky

I wanted to paint a quick painting this afternoon before dinner, and a simple one as well, seeing that my latest tries have been rather bad and i needed a pick-me-up-painting to restore my confidence.


Since spring time is just around the corner, I wanted to paint a light, clear and blue skyline, which you can look up at on a nice, sunny day. I think it went quite well.

I could have painted some more details upon the skies, but i just felt like keeping it simple. So this is how it looked: