Some Shibasaki-inspired paintings

As I want to get better at watercolour painting, I’ve been doing some tutorials from Youtube. Most of them by the painter Shibasaki, who I think make some great paintings in record time.

Two of the paintings I’ve been inspired by, are one with a dinghy on a sunset lake, and one with a fishing boat at sea.

The tutorial with the dinghy is here

The tutorial with the fishing boat is here

This is how my attempts went. I still have a way to go, but it was quite fun though:




An abstract mountain range

As I had a canvas laying around, painted over by a base coat of turquoise blue, I decided to do a quick painting.

The base coat was dry, so I basically just picked up a palette knife, some ivory black and startet “scraping” in some mountain sides.

This being done, I used some turquoise blue, titanium white, burnt sienna and permanent red violet to make some highlights. Just sliding the knife downward in different angles, really.

After a very quick session, this became the result:



Some kind of bird

I guess I’m kind of into painting birds now, since my first and last painting wasn’t quite enough. It looked like this by the way:


I was actually very satisfied with this one, so I went to work on my new bird painting with a subtle fear of total failure..

I kind of started the painting some weeks ago, when I decided to paint some canvases all black, without really knowing what to use them for.

I figured it would look cool as an abstract bird painting though, and decided to just go with it and not try to paint a real life bird this time.

So I picked up some ivory black, titanium white, cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue, turquoise blue, permanent red violet and cadmium red.

I started by painting the outlines of the bird, and then just went with it, I guess. This is how it ended up (and I think it’s ok enough)..