Pro marker monday

I really enjoyed my first go at using markers recently, and, since the marker-section on the page looked kind of slim with just one picture, I decided to add on with a couple more drawings.

This time I wanted to draw a teddy bear, based ruffly on a drawing I found on youtube. First I did a ruff pencil sketch, and drew over it using a drawing pen. I then erased the pencil marks, and added on colour with the pro markers.

It took about one hour, and ended up like this:

Teddy time


I’m actually very pleased with the result, which boosted my motivation a lot to keep on going. I also did a time lapse of the session. It went like this:

Oh, and I also drew a quick sketch of a fox, which looked like this (I guess it’s ok):

A marker fox


Making a minion

After recently making my very first time lapse video, I really got the motivation to keep on going.

So, for my next video, I had my very first go at using markers (pro markers in this case). I’ve bought a lot of them lately, but haven’t gotten around to start using them.

Anyway, I thought I would start with something a bit basic. And what could be better than to try and draw a minion? First i drew up a pencil sketch, I then used a drawing pen to make the contours before lastly picking up the pro markers.

It took me about 45 minutes. This is how it went, and I thought it ended up OK:

The very first time lapse

After getting a new camera, I figured a painting session would be a nice opportunity to test out the new time lapse function. So I mounted it on top of my desk and had a go at it.

The painting is a watercoloured cat, based on a ruff pencil sketch. It took about 90 minutes to finish up, and I’m relatively pleased with the result.

Sea creature sunday

I’ve been having a real urge lately to try and paint some watercolour sea creatures. More specific, some sharks and whales.

So I picked up some watercolour pencils, and drew up the outlines of a great white shark, a killer whale, and a whale I don’t really know the name of.

The final step was painting in some colours, trying to make some shadow and dark areas to get it to look more three dimensional.

I don’t know if I’m all done with them yet, but this is where the session ended:

A watercolour whale


I’ve always wanted to paint a whale, to see if I could do it and make it look right. I guess you have to get the movement right, and the shape of the body in the water.

After sketching in the outlines with a watercolour pencil, I had a go at it today. I think the tail may be a little out of shape and the fins a little to light. All in all I’m pretty happy with this one though.