“I’m talkin’ about like a big bear”

Sorting out some storage boxes in the attic, I came over this old, illustrated version of “The Jungle Book”.

It was quite fun to read again, but most of all I enjoyed all the cool illustrations in it. So I decided to have a go at some of them myself.

I first chose one where Baloo teaches Mowgli to growl like a big bear, as I thought the grimace of both their faces was very interesting. So I sat down with the book in front of me and had a go at it by free hand.


First I did a pencil sketch of the outlines, trying to make the sizes fit, and getting the expressions of their faces right.

I then did the contouring with a 0,1 mm drawing pen.

The colours are added by Pro Markers, testing out the colours on the paper before deciding which to use, as you can see in the top left corner.

I think it came out really nice. The left leg of Baloo got a little to small I think, but apart from that I am quite pleased.

I'm talkin' about like a big bear


The second one was an illustration of Shere Khan lurking in the bushes (I used the same technique on all the sketches):

A lurking Shere Khan


The third one was an illustration of Kaa the snake holding Mowgli in it’s grip:

Kaa the snake


And the last one is a dancing session in the jungle with Mowgli and an ape:

Dancing in the jungle


I really enjoyed making them all, and in time there might just be a couple more 🙂