Testing out the pencils

As I’ve recently decided to try out new material and techniques, such as pencil drawing, pen drawing and markers, I decided to have a go at the pencils in my latest session.

The thought of it all is that becoming better in the different fields will help me develop my skills in each and every one, and to use the different styles and techniques in different types of work.

So I decided to have a go at a dinghy on a lake with some mountains in the background, using a 2H-, HB-, and 6B pencil.

I used the 2H pencil to draw the outlines of the boat, water and mountains, and then drew over the lines i wanted to keep with the HB pencil. I then used the 6B pencil adding shadows and dark areas, rubbing it in with my fingers where I wanted the surface to be smooth.

So, this is how it went (and I’m quite pleased with it):

A dinghy on the lake

I also did a couple of perspective drawings to get some practise, which went like this:

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