An electric line with colours

Another session done, and another drawing of an electic line is put on paper. It’s equally fun every time, even though I’ve drawn a lot of them lately. Put some birds on the lines, and the fun is complete!

This time though, I wanted to add some colours to it. I’ve done a couple of drawings lately where the electric line is in center, but only using the felt pen to add some shadows to it.

I think it makes a cool look, but there is something much more lively in adding some colour.

So this time I drew up an electric line, getting some inspiration from a photo on google. It ended up like this:


I was actually pretty pleased with it, and wondered if it would be a mistake to add some markers to it.

I decided to defy my fears though, and am glad that I did. Using pro markers I added some brown to the poles, and gave each bird a different colour.

It was basically ten minutes work, but I think the result made a pretty huge effect. It looked like this:


A day later I ended up framing it in a cheap frame I bought a while back. So now it sits on my painting desk looking like this:


The Activist (I guess)

I guess I’m on a roll when it comes to marker drawings, as I did another one recently.

It feels like I’m kind of repeating my latest posts, but this is also a character I drew based on a magazine I saw a while back.

I call her “the activist”, since I picture her out and about. Spreading some kind of message out 🙂


An IT guy, I guess

I did another marker drawing the other day, based on a cartoon character i saw in a magazine.

He had an Ipad, and looked pretty up to date on the latest gadgets, so I’m just assuming he is an IT guy or something.

I guess he’s on his way to buy another cool piece to add to his collection.

This is how he ended up looking:


The very first framing

I’ve never framed anything I’ve made before. I don’t know why that is, but I guess I haven’t felt that anything I’ve made have been worthy of a frame.

But there’s a first time for everything, and today I decided I would put my very first painting behind glass (or plastic, that is..).

I bought some cheap frames from Ikea recently, as I guess I deep inside felt that my first framing was near.

This is the painting I decided to frame:

Suburban street 2

And here it is mounted:


I have to say that putting a frame on a painting does make it look better. And it was kind of nice giving it a new life behind an actual frame.

I don’t know if I’ll hang it up somewhere, but for now it sits gently on my work table with a bunch of unused frames.

Hopefully more of my painting will migrate to them in the future.

The first marker man

It’s been a while since my last marker drawing, so I thought it was time to pick up the pad again and see what came out of it.

I had just seen a couple of cool, cartoonish illustrations in a magazine, They were added in an article about different types of personalities, and I just got an instant urge to try and draw something like it.

I’ve always admired people who were able to draw cartoons and comic strips, and were a huge fan of reading them as a kid.

I think it’s a wonderful way to express different kinds of human bahavior, and the limits of what kind of situations or expressions you can draw is basically unlimited.

Well, I thought this would be my first go at it then. My first ever attempt to try and draw a real comic book-style character.

I’d seen this professor-looking kind of man in the magazine I read, so I thought I would use that as an inspiration and try to make something similar.

So I drew up the outlines of the character with a pencil, went over the best lines with a felt pen and then erased all the pencil lines.

I then added some colour and shodows with a mix of pro markers.

This is how it ended up:


Being my first attempt, I’m very happy with it. And it was definitely not my last drawing of a cartoon character!

The first marker man

A worn, old powerline

In my first attempts of making a watercolour painting, I did some drawings of different (but still very similar) street views. Like these ones:

One common denominator in them all is the presence of power lines with birds on them. This was the first time I tried drawing power lines, and I just had so much fun with them that I couldn’t stop drawing.

I was also very happy with the way the birds turned out, as I just decided to add them by a whim and kind of doodled them on.

Well, it’s been a while since the last power lines I’ve drawn, so I decided it was time to rise another one on the paper.

So I did a couple of searches for power line-pictures on Google to get inspired and just dived into it.

I first did a basic sketch with a pencil to make sure it looked alright, before adding all the details by free hand using a felt pen.

After about an hour, this were the result:


I have to say that I was really happy with this one. And my love for drawing power lines have not faded a bit.

Actually, I’m right now fantasizing about which kind of power line I’ll try and draw next!

A worn powerline

A tree in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

A few years ago, we went traveling for seven weeks in South East Asia. One of the places we visited was the temple complex Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The place was packed with temples and monuments, so we barely got to see all the different areas in the day we spent there.

I have loads of pictures from that day though, and decided I would have a go at one of them in my latest session.

I chose a picture of an old ruin with a tree growing directly on top of it. I remember I got really fascinated by it, as I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

Well, you can see for yourself. This is how it looked:


So I picked up my felt pen, and started out by drawing the perspectives of the buildings and roofs.

I wanted to make it out as real as possible on the paper, but as I started drawing I soon saw that it was not going to end up like that.

Somehow it became more and more like a fictional drawing, with the tree ending up with some kind of cartoonish look. Like this:


I’m not hating it, but I guess I have a ambivalent feeling about it. Especially the roots of the tree looks very unnatural.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put some colour on it or not, but it sure was a fun experience though. And I’m quite happy about the roof.