Another comic addition

Doing my first comic digitally in my last post, I decided I wanted to do another one right away to settle the new trend.

This one, as the last one, came to me as I sat down drawing, not having any plan to start out with.

That makes it a bit hard in the end to come up with a suiting conversation for the birds, but I gave it a go anyway.

This is On the line number 5:

On the line number 5

And wouldn’t you know, the evening after I made another one.

Done in the exact same manner, this is how number six ended up:

On the line number 6


A touch of comic

As a break from drawing faces, I decided to have a go at some comic(ish) drawings the other day.

One of the drawings just appeared as I went on, not having any plan or idea of what I wanted to make as I set out.

It ended up as a sumo wrestling fight (I don’t know why…), with two slightly disproportionate competitors.

This is how it looked:

Untitled_ArtworkThe other one was an attempt on an addition to my newly started comic-idea called “On the line”.

What was kind of exciting about this version though, was the fact that I made it using procreate and not promarkers.

I think it looks much better when doing the comic inspired stuff digitally, as you get the clear contrast between colours and don’t have to struggle with making good enough photographs to show it of.

I think this’ll be a permanent change for this series.

Anyway, this is how it looked:

On the line number 4


A few more faces..

I don’t seem able to stop drawing faces at the moment.

I guess part of the reason is that I feel there’s some progress in the results I’m getting.
They still all look a bit cartoonish, but I guess I’ve accepted that it just may be my style..

As with my recent drawings, these two are also drawn using Procreate.

This is how they looked:

Digital pencil drawing

As I really enjoyed my first sessions using Procreate a while back, I couldn’t help picking up the digital pen again to do another session.

I’ve only used the pen option so far, but I decided to do a digital pencil drawing this time. I did to face drawings. One man and one woman.

There is something wrong with the eyes of the man, and the woman just don’t look real enough, I think.

But it sure was fun though, and this is how it looked:

Just a couple of doodles

Just passing time the other day, I sat down to do a couple of doodles.

I had no plan other than to have some fun and see where it took me. The results got a bit weird, but may also be a result of the objects I’m practising on drawing at the moment.

I want to get better at drawing humans and animals, and I guess this was a way to draw them in different settings..

Anyway, this is how it looked:


More practise doing faces

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently did my very first digital drawing through the program ProCreate.

The great thing about digital painting, is the option to regret a pen line or brush mark and be able to delete it.

Yes, this takes away some of the magic, but it’s a great way to get some practise painting or drawing. It’s also great if you want to achieve a specific look, but need a few tries to get there.

Anyway, the other day I thought I’d do some more practise drawing faces, and had a go at it for about 45 minutes.

I did a lot of mistakes, but the option to regret my choices did help me see where I went wrong, and what I had to do to get where I wanted.

You can see the whole process in this time-lapse video, which probably saved a huge amount of paper..:

My first digital drawing

The world of different mediums are really sparking my curiosity these days.

As a result I’m suddenly in the possession of a bunch of different equipment, planning to try it out all at once…

Well, I guess I have to take it one session at a time though, and last evening I had a go at the digital world.

I recently bought the drawing program Procreate, and I just find it all-consuming when I’m entering this digital world.

My first ever digital painting was of a man I made up in my head, just wanting to get familiar with the touch of the screen and the different options available.

It ended up like this:

First digital drawing

To my huge delight I also found out that you can get a time-lapse of every drawing or painting you make, so I think it’s sure to say that making a digital painting is something that’ll happen quite soon.

So, to round up my first digital session, here’s the time-lapse video as well: