A festive mission

As we’re arranging a kids’ party in the near future, I’ve gotten a very festive mission.

The theme of the party is woodland creatures, and I’ve been asked to draw up some cartoonish creatures to go with the table decorations.

So I drew up some outlines with a pencil, went over my favourite ones with a pen and added some colour to them using my pro markers.

Some of the creatures I’m quite happy with, and some I don’t like at all. But I’ve been told that they look good enough, so I guess I should settle with that.

Anyway, I drew up the creatures on a marker pad, glued them to a thicker cardboard paper and cut them out with a scissor.

I made seven in total, and this is how they looked ( I used a reference photo from google by the way):

Woodland creatures

19 thoughts on “A festive mission

      1. I started my art journey in June of 2015, so I enjoy getting to know others who are pursuing art. I’m glad I found your blog. I think your drawings and paintings are very good.


      2. I really never thought I could ever learn to draw. I figured I’d give up after a week or two of trying. Instead, here I am three years later, drawing, painting, entering art shows, and becoming a part of the arts community in our area. It really has been an exciting and rewarding journey.


      3. Good luck! As a member of the art club, I not only entered the show, I also helped with all the behind-the-scenes work — learning how to check paintings in, how to set up the displays, keeping records of the entries — and it was a very enjoyable experience. I also monitored the show on two different mornings. That was fun, too. I was very hesitant about joining art clubs, and for a time I felt a little intimidated by all the talent surrounding me. Now that I’m getting to know the other artists, I’m gaining more confidence in my own abilities. I’m starting to feel like a real part of the clubs and community now.


      4. I’m very glad to hear that! 🙂 I’ve also waited a long time before joining, in the fear of not beeing good enough. But, as I figured out quite quickly, it’s not about how good you are but sharing the love for it 🙂

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      5. Very true. It’s good to be in a creative atmosphere. That alone is inspiring, I think. At first, I was hesitant about asking any questions. As I’ve gotten better acquainted with other members, though, I’m a lot more verbal. I enjoy sharing my artwork and learning more from other artists.

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  1. Ohhh what a wonderful idea! I’ve done a few parties myself back some time ago and LOVE to come up with designs and stuff for decorations! These look awesome, I’m sure the kids will love it!


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