Soccer sketching

To practise my ability to draw people in movement, I thought it would be a nice task to try and draw a soccer player about to kick a ball.

It’s hard enough to draw a human being sitting or standing still, so I soon noticed the challenges that comes with drawing something in motion.

Is the knee in the right angle? Are the shoulders in a natural position? How does a hand look when you’re about to kick a ball?

All these – and a lot more – questions wandered through my mind as the drawing came to life, but I have to admit it was a lot of fun!

This is how it ended up:

Soccer sketch

The left arm and hand is not good at all, and the shirt don’t fit nicely around that area either. The eyes are not well aligned, and the ball is not that round.

All of these errors considered, I still had a blast drawing it.

I think the power and motion of the kicking movement comes through, and I can imagine how he’s going to kick the ball in just a second or two. Maybe it’s the last kick of the ball in a huge game?

All of this makes the drawing a lot more interesting, as the dynamics bring life to it all in a much stronger way than in the drawings I’ve made with people just standing still. Like this:

The first marker man

I think people in motion is the next step for me!

Testing out the tortillons

I’ve been doing a lot of pen or marker drawings lately, which I find really enjoyable.

To get some change of medium though, I decided to do a quick pencil drawing the other night.

It’s been a while since my last pencil drawing. I also bought a bunch of tortillons recently, which I wanted to try out.

So I decided to use a reference drawing from one of my tutorial books, depicting a young girl looking straight at the viewer.

So I made the oulines with a 4H pencil, going over my preferred lines with a sharpened HB pencil, and started making out different values of shadow using both a 2B and a 6B pencil.

I then picked up a few of the tortillons, and started scrubbing in the shadows and the skin tones.

In retrospect I think the shadows around the mouth became a bit to dominant. There is also a lot of improvement to be done regarding the eyes. Both the pupils and the size of the eyes combined is a bit off, and the hair could have turned out a lot smoother.

I think the nose turned out pretty well though.

Anyway, it was a fun experience to try out the tortillions, and I’m definitely going to pick them up again soon.

This is the drawing by the way:

A pencil person

A pen and marker Winnie

In the recent months I haven’t had much time to do long painting sessions.

Therefore, I’ve been doing a lot more sketching and drawing in the time gaps available each day.

The other night I used about 30 minutes doing a quick pen and marker sketch. It’s based on this drawing which I found randomly on Google and got an instant urge to draw.

So I did a quick sketch with a pencil before going over it all with a Micron 0,1 mm pen.

I also added some colour to Winnie the Poohs shirt and Piglets scarf with a marker, to make it stand out a bit.

I’m quite happy with how they turned out, but the surroundings could have been better.

I especially dislike the little knoll with the trees on them. It just looks wispy..

Anyway, this is how it looked:

Winnie and Piglet

A festive mission

As we’re arranging a kids’ party in the near future, I’ve gotten a very festive mission.

The theme of the party is woodland creatures, and I’ve been asked to draw up some cartoonish creatures to go with the table decorations.

So I drew up some outlines with a pencil, went over my favourite ones with a pen and added some colour to them using my pro markers.

Some of the creatures I’m quite happy with, and some I don’t like at all. But I’ve been told that they look good enough, so I guess I should settle with that.

Anyway, I drew up the creatures on a marker pad, glued them to a thicker cardboard paper and cut them out with a scissor.

I made seven in total, and this is how they looked ( I used a reference photo from google by the way):

Woodland creatures

Learning to draw faces

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve decided to invest some time in increasing my drawing skills.

Painting people is something I’ve always felt uncomfortable with, so I guess drawing faces in different angles and with different expressions would be a nice way to start of.

I’ve read a few pages in one of my tutorial books about drawing faces, and had a serious go at it the other night.

This is an excerpt form my session (not including the ones I was really disappointed with though).. 🙂