11 hours in 30 seconds..

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started using Procreate to have a go at some digital drawings.

Mostly because I’ve been curious of how this medium works, but also because it’s so easy to pick up and lay down between the daily rutines.

You just pick up your digital pencil, and get to it..

Anyway, lately I’ve been using spare time during the day doing a coloured drawing. It’s actually based on my previous watercolour painting called “bird street”:

Suburban street 2

This time though, I wanted to add some more life to it. Digital drawings have the huge advantage that you can actually erase every stroke you make on the canvas.

This makes it feel a bit like cheating, and is why I still find the physical mediums the most charming.

But the digital format gives you the opportunity and courage to try and draw completely new things.

If it turns out bad, just remove it… right?

In the watercolour painting above I also wanted to add some more life to it, but I was just so worried I would ruin the whole painting, so I ended the session as it was.

Now I tried adding both a car, people and animals to the scenery.

I knew I’d used a lot of time drawing it when I was finally done, but when I checked the file on procreate I learned that I’d actually used about 11 hours drawing it in total…..

That’s a lot of time, and quite staggering when I’ve never spent a second of them bored with the drawing.

Luckily there’s a possibility to compress the whole 11 hour session down to a 30 second time-lapse video, which you can check out below.

I’m quite happy with how the whole thing ended up, and had a blast drawing it!