Something good in something bad?

Today I made a trainwreck of a painting.

I started out making a nice, calm, grassy mountain scape, and was very pleased with the way the painting was going.

As confidence grew larger with each brush stroke, I decided to put in a nice, calm creek in the bottom of the painting. Just to finish it off with the last touches.

Easy peasy, right?

As it turns out, not at all!

After putting in the first rocks of the creek I could feel the whole painting falling apart.

It just didn’t look good.

So, how to save the situation?

Why, start adding more stones and grass in an aimless, panicking way of course!

Just get some paint on there and hope for the best…

Well, that’s what I did, and – as it turns out – it ended up as a trainwreck of a painting.

I’m a bit embarrassed to show it, but this is how it ended up:


It almost hurt my eyes taking the picture, but as I did I saw something I really liked.

When I looked back on it I was really appreciating the way the sky and the mountain ended up.

I’ve been having a tendency to paint clouds in a kind of 2D-state, not having any volume or originality about them at all.

These ones were much more real looking, with an appearance of stretching out over the mountains.

The way the shadows was playing around on the grassy mountain sides was also pretty nice, I thought.

So, what the hell, let’s just crop the picture and be happy with the way the top half turned out.

I guess I’ll take it as something good in something very, very bad.