Eyes, Eyes, Baby

This is a drawing I made a couple of days ago, when I had no specific plan of what I wanted to draw.

I started drawing an eye, and noticed that it actually looked a lot like some kind of insect.

So I started drawing more of them, varying some of the shapes and sizes.

With all the eyes looking at me in the end, I decided to add some writing.

What came naturally to me was the frase “Eyes, Eyes, Baby”.

Eyes, Eyes, Baby

11 new hours in 30 seconds (Pastel city)

A while back I did a post called 11 hours in 30 seconds, showing a digital drawing I made of a cartoonish street. It looked like this:

Digital bird street

It ended up standing alone on my page, so I decided, since making the first one were such fun, to try and do another one.

In the new drawing I wanted to practice drawing people.

I saw a technique I wanted to try where you basically just make out the outlines of a human being, and start drawing in the details from there on.

This worked out quite nice, and, having drawn up a few people, I needed to put them somewhere. So I made a street for them to stand on and a city surrounding to put them in.

Being done with this the real work was about to start, as every person, buidling and street needed some colour and additional shadowing.

So I set to work, and the hours just piled up.

Funnily enough I ended up using about the exact same time drawing this one as the last one.

After about 11 hours of drawing in total (not continuously..) my head ached a bit, but I could finally put the pen down and have a look at the final result. This is how it looked:

Pastel City

I think it ended up rather nice. Since there’s a lot of pastel colours in the drawing I’ve given it the name “Pastel city”.

When it came to the time-lapse video I couldn’t be any worse than last time, so here is a 30 second summary of all 11 hours over the Ipad:

A colourful stroll

I usually try to paint as lifelike or real looking scenes as I can manage.

This makes it hard to get the paintings looking just right, but when I do succeed in some form I just find it exhilarating.

The pressure I put on myself to paint something good almost always ends up getting me disappointed with the actual result though.

I seem to think I’m a better painter than I actually am when I sit down to paint.

I then often get disheartened when I finish up the painting, not being happy with it at all, and leave it there for a little while.

When I come back though, I almost always find it looking better than I originally thought when leaving it.

This gives me back some confidence, which again sets me up for the following process with my next painting.

Anyway, in my last session I decided to give myself some slack, not worrying about things looking real.

I just wanted to be creative, doing something new and shake it up a bit.

So I made a very “not-lifelike” painting with two people walking in a colourful park, dabbing some paint on with a palette knife.

It felt good to not be so self-critical in the painting process. I don’t think it ended up as a very good painting, but I don’t feel it was that bad either.

Just somthing different…