A colourful stroll

I usually try to paint as lifelike or real looking scenes as I can manage.

This makes it hard to get the paintings looking just right, but when I do succeed in some form I just find it exhilarating.

The pressure I put on myself to paint something good almost always ends up getting me disappointed with the actual result though.

I seem to think I’m a better painter than I actually am when I sit down to paint.

I then often get disheartened when I finish up the painting, not being happy with it at all, and leave it there for a little while.

When I come back though, I almost always find it looking better than I originally thought when leaving it.

This gives me back some confidence, which again sets me up for the following process with my next painting.

Anyway, in my last session I decided to give myself some slack, not worrying about things looking real.

I just wanted to be creative, doing something new and shake it up a bit.

So I made a very “not-lifelike” painting with two people walking in a colourful park, dabbing some paint on with a palette knife.

It felt good to not be so self-critical in the painting process. I don’t think it ended up as a very good painting, but I don’t feel it was that bad either.

Just somthing different…


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