A late recap of 2018

2018 was the year I started exploring new mediums.

Starting out using watercolour I soon expanded to pen, pencil, marker, digital drawing and acrylics as well, wanting to try as many different mediums as possible.

The thought behind this was getting as versatile as possible, but also, in the long run, figuring out which mediums I want to spend more time working with in the future.

I have to say that digital drawing became a much bigger hit than I expected. I had a view on digital art not being “real art”, but I just got instantly hooked. It’s so easy to pick up on the go, and doesn’t create any mess at all (!)

It also give me the safety of practicing with a medium where I can undo my mistakes, as paintings are quite a bit less forgiving..

I still feel that water soluble oil is my main medium though, even though I found acrylics very pleasant to work with as well.

Drawing has also been a real pleasure getting more acquainted with, using both pencils and pens.

In 2019 I think I’ll be spending more time doing oils and acrylics, while trying to combine my drawing skills with more watercolour work.

I’m also going to continue drawing, as I think a nice, clean pen drawing can look really cool in a frame.

So, basically, I’m planning doing a bit of everything in 2019 as well.. I think this’ll make me a more complete painter and drawer in the end, but I also feel it’s a bit scary, as I don’t get the chance to really immerse myself in one field.

Anyway, this was a lot of rambling…..

The real reason I wanted to write this post was to show a photo which sums up some of 2018 for me.

It’s seven paintings I thought was OK when I made them, but has grown on me a bit with time. Now I find them quite nice, and lying together I think they kind of enhance each other: