A couple of new comics

I’m on a comic run these days, and did yet another attempt to draw something funny the other day.

The thought behind the first drawing was to practice drawing cartoonish animals, and then I had to figure out a joke to suit it in the end.

Probably not the best way to do it, but this is how it ended up:Sheepish fun

The next drawing revolved around some cows on a field, having a good time with some sunbathing.

The joke being that cows don’t sunbathe in public, and have to hide themselves if people are approaching.

That didn’t go entirely according to plan. This is how it looked:

In the field

In the strobe lights

This is a digital drawing I made on my ipad the other day.

I picture him being kind of an akward guy, with not so fancy clothes, whose somehow ended up on the dancefloor on a late night out.

What to do then but to stand like a log, trying to tap the beat of the music with one foot. All the while looking panickly around to see if someone is laughing at you..

In many ways I may have drawn myself 😉


More fun in the emergency room

Trying to build up some form of collection regarding comics, I did another one the other day.

This one revolves around the emergency room, and a rather dry joke.

During a class I attended on anatomy, there was a running joke about the humerus-bone. This is the bone that goes from your shoulder and down to the elbow.

The joke being the saying “I don’t find it humerus” og “I didn’t find it humerus”.

Well, you may have guessed that I added this joke into an emergency room setting, and it looks like this:


Didn’t eat the paper

This is yet another attempt on making a comic, and I find that it’s pretty hard to be funny when drawing one.

I’ve read some comics before and thought “It can’t be that hard making some jokes in a comic, can it?”, but yes, it is.

I know, this joke is pretty cheap, but I thought it was a bit amusing, so I decided to draw it anyway.

Hope it can bring a smile on your face, if you’re reading this 🙂


Electric Ocean

Another day, another digital painting 🙂

This one I painted using the watercolour function on procreate, adding a blue-green background for the sky and ocean.

This being done, I started working on the wave. First by adding some darker colours on the inside of the wave, and then a more blue version on top.

I then did a cotton function, dabbing on some foam where the wave hits the ocean surface.

Lastly I added the effect which showes the light playing around through the wave. This is a premade effect, so I shall not take much credit for that detail 🙂

I think it made it look a bit electric though, so I’ve decided to call it “Electric ocean”.

Electric ocean

Can’t cow this cattle

I really enjoy drawing at the moment, which has lead to a few attempts on making some comics.

These are basically singular drawings, but with an attempt to make something humorous out of them.

Well, this is one of them. And it did put a little smile on my face drawing it, so at least I can humor myself a bit…

Maybe someone else will find it amusing as well 🙂

The cattle

A Distant Light

Being out and about it can be hard finding the time and occasion to pick up the physical painting brushes.

That’s when I turn to digital brushes, which I find is a brilliant way to get in some practice when other mediums are out of reach.

All I need is my Ipad (or a tablet) and a pen. I don’t get the paint on my hands or the ink on my sleeves, which could be problematic when on the way to doing some other chores.

Anyway, clocking in some digital painting time recently I made this watercolour painting:


I call it “A distant light”, and may just have been a touch of melancholy washing over me at the time.

The boats were added on using a pen tool, and the light in the distance is an effect I could basically tap onto the screen.

The sky and ocean is a blend of different watercolours I mixed together.