A red mountain. Is it anything to it?

This is the result of a very unplanned and unmotivated session.

I wanted to paint something, but didn’t know what and didn’t know how.

A recipe for a bad result, even though it can sometimes create a good outcome. It didn’t this time…

I had a canvas laying around that I spray painted black a while back. I thought it would look good if I created a strong contrast to it by adding some bright colour.

Since I had no plan going into it, the easiest way to get the job done was using a palette knife. So I started making out what I imagined was a mountain in red. I’ve made some mountains this way, which has turned out quite nice. It didn’t this time…

After about 15 minutes I was out of ideas and quite lost regarding what to do next. So I simply stopped, adding it to the collection of bad sessions.

This is how it looked:


Not good, but I wonder if anyone who’s reading this has any idea about how I could make something like this work?

Is it anything to it, or is it just not a good idea using a palette knife on a black canvas like this? I would love some thoughts on it 🙂

Just to be a bit adventurous, I decided to put the picture of the painting into photoshop and play around a bit with light and contrast.


I have to say that it did look a bit better getting the colours stronger, and a bit more fragmentet. And afterward the original painting just looked a lot more boring! 🙂