Learning watercolour.. didn’t go well

Up until now I’ve used watercolour more as a coloring medium for drawings than as a painting style.

I’ve never tried letting the paint float around a bit on the paper, or even worked on wet paper.

I’ve seen a lot of wonderful watercolour artists, though, and I thought that now was the time for me to start using the paint as well.

So, for my first go at trying to paint with watercolour I drew up a quick sketch of a beach. This way I would have big surfaces to work on with both the sky and the ocean.

It looked like this:


So I set to work, blending out the paint with lots of water, thinking about the importance of going light to dark.

This was the first layer done, and to be honest I was quite pleased with how the sky looked:


Next, after it had dried, I tried moving on to a darker blend of colours, adding it in the same way.

In retrospect I should have saved more of the lighter tones from the first layer in the water, and maybe used a stronger blend of colours for the second layer.

Also, I tried using a small cardboard box to paint a straight, clear, blue line where the ocean and the sky meets.

This didn’t go well, as you can see. And it leaked into the sky…


BUT, it kind of looks like mountains, right?

So, being a bit impatient (the recepy for disaster, I know), I just added some black to the mountain shaped areas.

I was a bit to quick though, as the ocean paint hadn’t dried up yet. So the black started leaking into the ocean as well…

Well, I kind of ended up in a state of panic mixed with disappointment, and just started addind black to the whole area  to cover it up.

It didnt’t go well…


Trying to get something out of it, I added a darker mix to the sand as well.

But, as with the ocean, I just covered up the whole beach with paint yet again. Making the first layer a complete waste of time.

So this is the point where I gave up.

I learned a lesson, and to be honest I just had to laugh at myself in the end.

Hoping for a better result next time…