Hello (too much) darkness, my old friend

My first attempt on painting (not just colouring) with watercolour went very bad.

My second attempt went a bit better, but still with lots of potential for improvement.

This is my third attempt, and an attempt I had about 45 minutes to get done. So I may have rushed it a bit..

Anyway, this time I wanted to get away from the beach and the city streets for a moment.

Out in the woods somewhere, where the air is fresh and the wind is blowing.

So I set to work making a light blue sky, trying to keep the colours light, and not overworking the paper.

I also made a layer with the same paint at the bottom of the paper, wanting to use it as reflections on a lake.

My next step was supposed to be painting some distant mountains, but I forgot…

So my next step was actually putting a distant forrest across the lake. Here I put some masking tape across the paper, just working the brush on top of it.

I have to admit that the whole process got a bit hasty, because I wasn’t all that happy with how it turned out.

That’s when I start to take rash decisions, to try and make it better as fast as possible.

In the end it looked ok, nothing more.

Removing the tape, I added some reflections in the water and started painting a little mud bank in front.

This is where the dark mistake happened again.

I started out with some green and brown paint, but it just didn’t look right.

So I took another rash decision, adding some black paint on top to try and cover it up.

Well, what do you know… it ended up too dark again….


And, as I’ve learned, you can’t go back on too dark paint when using watercolour.

I’m so used to painting with oils and acrylics that it’s clearly a hard lesson for me to learn…

Anyway, this is where I started to run out of time. But I did add a little tree in front. Very basic stuff, but it did add something to the whole look.

So, to sum up; another lesson learned, and I’ll go at it again real soon.

And, if I just crop out the whole mud bank from the photo, it looks a bit better as well. Go technology, right? 🙂