An Italian landscape

Watercolour, watercolour, watercolour.

That’s what’s absorbing all my time in the painting room at the moment.

After acquiring – some – understanding of different techniques and possibilities in watercolour painting I just can’t seem to get enough.

I like the way the water makes the colours blend.

How it dries so quickly.

Doing a wash.

Working in different layers.

The unexpected contrasts and outcomes.

So I did another painting.

It’s based on another tutorial by Tim Wilmot, and showes an Italien Tuscan Village Scene.

So I started by drawing a loose sketch, to place the different shapes on the painting and try to get the perspectives right.

Again, I had a hard time keeping it loose, stopping myself from adding more details quite a few times.

The light was a bit rough, so I don’t know how well it shows on the picture, but it looked like this:


In this tutorial you didn’t do a complete wash of the paper.

Just adding on paint to the different elements one by one.

So I started with a wash for the sky.

Then a wash for the buildings on the left.

Then I added colour to the trees and bushes both in the back and front of the bridge.

Then it was time to give the bridge a light wash, before adding some details to it.

I then added some shadows, windows, doors etc. to the buildings and painted in some shadowes in the trees and bushes.

It ended up like this:

A view from Italy

All in all I think it turned out ok.

There are some patches of paint in the sky which I should have dried up with some paper.

The trees and bushes could also have had a greater variation in colour.

But it was fun to try out a watercolour painting without an initial wash.

Now, on to the next one!

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