The first wet-in-wet

This is a painting based on a tutorial by Tim Wilmot.

It’s also my very first go at a wet-in-wet painting.

This is how it ended up:

Riverside village

To sum up; it was a fun experience working with this technique.

I also understand the experience you’ll need to have to get all of the timing right.

Is the paper too wet? Is the paint too wet? Is the paint too dry or the colour too strong?

All these factors makes watercolour painting so interesting, frustrating and fun.

And that’s what makes it so addictive.

Anyway, to make a short summary of the painting:

I think the boats ended up quite nice, painted in a loose style.

The houses on the left side are also okay.

The streets further down the village got way too overpainted, though.

It’s basically impossible to get any sense of shapes or buidlings in all those dark blobs of paint.

The river, forest and bank on the right side looks okay. Nothing more, nothing less 🙂

So, let’s get on with the next one!

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