My first comic strip ever!

I’ve been spending some time lately laying the groundwork for a new comic strip.

As a former journalist, the newsdesk lies close to my heart.

Through the years I’ve observed quite a few characters – and their conversations.

Therefore, my comic strip is called “Local news”.

It revolves around a set of main characters working in a fictional newsroom, doing stuff based on my experiences working as a journalist.

Hopefully I’ll be able to present more situations in the time coming.

Until then, this is my very first comic strip:

11 thoughts on “My first comic strip ever!

  1. If you continue the strip give characters names if they are regulars. Reader will learn if name included in some balloons as characters speak to each other. If going to have empty space background ( I think it’s OK ) reduce empty space by bringing in margins ex. bottom right angle good cut off for whole frame but include your signature form within it. Later as strip is developed figure out how to fill the empty space without too much distracting shapes and color. Gray profile of person at desk on right good for this. My cartoons hand drawn, scanned, cleaned up and colored with gimp. I do only single frame which is challenging for me as must deliver whole concept in one frame. Like style of soft colors and shapes your other work.

    1. Hi, Carl! Thank you so much for your input 🙂 I am very much in the experimental phase of this comic strip style, so it’s great getting some thoughts on it 🙂 I’ve also tried some single frames, and enjoy doing them, but it does demand a snappy punch line, for sure. I’ll keep your tips in mind for future attempts 🙂

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