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My name is Kim Goksøyr Strande, born in 1990 and currently living in Trøndelag, Norway.

In an attempt to find a hobby to spend time on, I started painting in the summer of 2015. I hadn’t done a single painting since kindergarten, but was instantly hooked.

This blog has been brought to life for my own motivation to keep on going, and to share, collect and document my journey forward from my very first painting.

This way you can follow my progress – or regress – as I go. Either by visiting my complete timeline gallery, reading posts from my different sessions or just checking out my favourite pieces.

I’m just a novice, but in the long run I hope to increase my skills step by step. I didn’t know anything about either painting or drawing when I started, and have learned just about everything I know through the internet and hobby books.

All paintings until april 2018 are painted by free hand using water soluble oil paint. I then started using acrylics, watercolours, pro markers, pens, pencils and digital programs as well, hoping that’ll make me a more complete painter/drawer in the end.

In a time where I felt a bit anxious and restlessness, painting became a fantastic relief. A place where I got totally engrossed, and lost the sense of both time and space.

Placid is described as “serenely free of interruption or disturbance”, which is exactly how I feel when I pick up the brushes. I hope to some day be able to express that through this page.

If you’ve stumbled upon it, please leave a comment or some form of feedback. It would mean a lot!

Hope you enjoy!

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