Day at the lake

In an attempt to try out some keep-it-simple-paintings, using the basic nature to fill out the frame, I decided to paint a lakeside view.

20161004_141829I thought it was great fun starting of with painting in some clouded skylines, using a light blue, monotonous backround as a starting point. Then use a Filbert-brush to stamp on the clouds. First a mix of white and black for the shadow part of the clouds, then a clear white on top to give it some volume.

For the bushes I used the same technique and the same brush as for painting in the clouds. First a dark mixture of black and green. Then a lighter mixture of green, black and yellow, and at last a final layer with a mix of yellow and green to top it off with some lighting.

I used the same colors to paint in the reflections of the bushes in the water, but with a more monotone blend to separate it from the real deal.

I struggled to make the clouds look nice on the water reflections though, so I´m a little disappointed with that, but all in all I guess it´s ok. There is a lack of details in the painting, but that was kind og what I was going for.

Maybe it´s a bit boring, but I kind of like it that simple. It was also painted with only one brush, so it was a quite fun experience. Maybe the next one need to be more lively!


Lonely bird

20161003_154800.jpgThis was initially supposed to be a painting of a grassy field, but as the field submerged it looked more and more like a seaside view. So I basically just went with it. Beside the bird, I didn´t feel like there was much more to add to the painting, so I just left it as it was. But I guess there could be waves, more beards, some rocks etc. to make it lively.

It is kind of boring to look at, but i dont know if I like it that way or not. It gives it something in just beeing as simple as it is, but I am keeping the option open to pick it up again if a good idea, or often in retrospect a bad idea, pops up. At least I have a photo of it if i ruin it completely on a later project…

Azur sea


Since winter is fast approaching, i used the opportunity to paint a more southern landscape than the norwegian fall. I also got to test out my new color tubes of emerald green and cerulean blue when painting the sea.

I used brushes painting the sky and sea, palette knives painting the rock formations and my fingers to drag the paint on to make the sand. I also tried separating out the sand area where the sea is retracting. Took about three hours to paint.

Mountain clouds

2016-07-17 17.10.20In an attempt to get the most out of few colors (since im slowly running out of paint) I came up with the idea of painting some mountains seen from above. I´ve always painted mountains from an angle where you look up at them, but with this one I wanted to do it a bit different.

I´ve also started to use linen oil while painting, so putting in some clouds between the mountain tops also seemed like a good opportunity to practise making some other skylines then the regular blue ones. 2016-07-17 16.13.38

After painting in all the mountains and clouds, I thought it looked pretty good, but kind of dull. So i decided to put in something that stood out against all the black and white. The solution became one of my big fears: painting a person. I was almost certain that my lack of skills would ruin the whole thing, so I thought I might as well make it pop out with some red paint. It ended up beeing a really basic shape of a man, but I think the solution ended up beeing a good choice, seeing the end result.

Into the mountains

2016-07-16 18.43.39A painting that originally were supposed to be looking onto a big field of grass, with the big mountain in the back. But as I went along it did not look like it was going to turn out good at all. The solution soon became the color black, helping me making the whole canvas turn into a walk in the mountains.

In an attempt to get some practise out of it, I started painting shapes into the rocks. Making it into a more bumpy horizon. I thought it turned out ok. Im a little disappointed with the leaves on the tree, which I think I may have been painted on with a slight lack of concentration. A little to uncontrolled, with some strong colors.

2016-07-16 17.26.09I was wondering if it turned out to be a mistake putting in the tree, since I was kind of happy with the painting the way it was beforehand. When I look back though, theres no doubt it would have been a much more boring and flat painting. I also considered putting in some bushes at the end, but thought it best not to push my luck. All in all im quite pleased though.