Quiet beach

As winter is slowly emerging, I thought it nice to paint a summer painting. I wanted to use some light and bright colors, to create a positive mood. This is how it turned out:


I`ve been struggling with rock formations earlier, but these ones I am quite pleased with. The sky and sea is also fairly good, I think.

It still does not look a 100 percent realistic, but all in all I am really pleased with this one.

Sunset flying

I wanted to try out some new colors for a change, and decided that a sunset painting might be the way to go. So i picked up some red, yellow, white and black, and had a go at it.

First I painted the background, with a clean orange canvas and a bright sun in the middle of it. After I had let it dry, I decided to try to paint in some clouds.

I think I got a little ahead of myself though, becouse the red colors for the clouds came out way to strong, and the brush I used were probably way to big. So it all ended up more like clots of paint then nice, smooth, clouds or fog.


Anyway, I at least got to paint some silhouettes, which was one of mye goals for this one. I had decide to go with a flying goose in the senter of the painting, in front of the sun, and all in all the I think the goose itself turned out quite nice.

The problem is just the rest of the painting, but I guess it has some charm in the way it lookes really home made.

The black «fog» at the bottom of the painting is actually a go I had at another goose, flying right under the first one. But as it turned out quite bad, I dragged it out using a paint brush, to look more like a dark cloud.


Dark river

For about two years now I´ve been painting different nature scapes, trying to make it all look realistic. Today I wanted to try something new, something more dreamy than another seascape or skyline. This is how it looked:


It is by no means perfect, but it was really fun working with. I think the contrasts makes the water pop, and hope it looks really cool in a dark room setting. I think there will be more paintings like this one in the time to come.

Spring lake 2

I recently gave away a painting thar left a big, open space on my wall. So, to fill the gap, I decided to try to “repaint” it. The original one looked like this:


The new one ended up like this:


There is no doubt that the first one still is the best one. The colors and contrasts are stronger, and the forest area in front are better. Still, i guess it ended up allright. So, for now, it is placed in the empty space of my wall.

A redo

So i painted this painting a week ago:

I think it turned out alright, but there is still a lot of things that could have been better. The one thing that stands out in my view, is the river bank on the left side. The little tree and the bushes did not turn out well at all, and the colors are probably a little to week as well.

So I picked up my brushes, and had a go at a little redo. This is how it went:

I basically used a technique where i mixed up three colors: A dark green one, where I used a mix of ivory black and sap green. A lighter version, where I added some titanium white, and a light mixture of sap green, titanium white and yellow. By first dabbing in the dark colors, then the lighter version and at last the light mixture, I think it added a lot more volume to the growth.I also made some adjustments at the opposite banks and on the one in front, and painted in a rock formation.

All in all I think it was a redo that worked out well, although I still have a lot of improvements in my technique to keep working on.

Spring lake

After countless attempts on painting i snowy mountain, I finally felt that i got some hang of it with this one. The trick basically being working with the canvas in a vertical position, with a very light pressure on the palette knife. I still got some way to go, but this was a big step in the right direction.

Spring lake

I used the rest og the canvas to paint in a lake with a forest front. Which turned out quite badly in the start, but I was able to save it with a second “emergency session”. All in all im quite pleased with this one.

Shore line


A couple of weeks ago I tried painting a shore line, depicted in a tutorial book i bought a year ago called The Art of Painting Landscapes, Seascapes and Skyscapes.

Although the original is much better than this one, i´m really pleased with it. I used about four sessions painting it, in total about 20 hours. With a canvas size of about 60 x 40 cm, there was a lot of space to fill, so i´m kind of short on both white and blue painting now.

It´s the first painting where i´ve used shadowes to make depth though, so all in all it was a new step forward in regards of technique 🙂