Tropic summer

After beeing away for two weeks on a cruise in Central America I´ve gotten a lot of sun on my skin. It was therefor a big change to come back home to cold Norway, where the sun goes down at 3 pm in the afternoon.

So to take me back to the sunny continent for some hours, I tried painting a hidden, tropical beach. Much like on the islands of Jamaica and Haiti. So here is the result:


Apart from the upper side of the ocean, between the big wave and the skyline, I´m very pleased with it. I used my fingers to paint in the skyline, and a filbert brush to paint in the sea with various shades og blue. The two big waves are painted with a flat brush in some darker colors, and I used a fan brush to paint in the breakings.

For the trees and bushes in the bottom I used a round brush to bump in the formations with some black paint, and then a sponge to dot it all in with different blends of green. A very fun technique to try out.

To get it all a little more tropical and exuberant I made the grass go all the way down to the sandy beach, mixing it in with the wet sand.

Blue mountains

Since I´ve been away on vacation for some weeks, I was eager to get back on track with my brushes this weekend.

Seeing that I had a lot of blue paint left in my paintbox, I figured I should start off putting it all to use. So I decided to paint a cold, calm and icy night, with a blue evening shade. This was also a possibility to get some training in painting reflections, in the form of the reflections of the mountains in a very calm lake.

In retrospect I could have painted in some breakings in the water to make it more clear which side was up and which was down, but in a way I found it cooler to just leave it as it was. As a completely calm, blue evening. So, anyway, this is the outcome:


The color could have been sharper, to make it all pop out a bit more out of the frame.

I guess it all turned out a little faint, but all in all i´m generally pleased with the reflections and the rock formations.

An ok painting that could´ve been better, would be the proper description to sum it all up.

Daylight river


I´ve really been struggling with painting realistic dayligh paintings. I guess i´m not really good or patient enough mixing together the right colors.

So i made another try of daylight painting, choosing the motive of a calm river. I´m not that pleased with it, but it certainly is a step forward regarding other similar motives i´ve painted.

Like this one for example:


So even though i´m still not satisfied with the result, i´m pretty satisfied with the progress.

Icy river

After painting after painting after painting turning out completely useless, I finally ended up with with a canvas I was pleased with. I´ve been short on white painting lately, so I just used up half my new tube in this one to compensate, I guess.20161118_113021_1479465091248

The whole thing is basically painted with black and white paint. The only exceptions are some blue tones in the skies and some green tone in the closest trees.

I used a brush to paint the skyline, a palette knife to paint the mountains and my fingers painting the icy river. For the trees i used a fan brush, and for the bushes a filbert brush. I also used the palette knife to scrape in some grass in the bottom left corner.

Basically I just can´t stop painting mountains, because I think it´s such fun. I still have a long way to go regarding making the perfect snowy mountains, but i think i´ve comme a long way.

I´ve never used such few colors in a painting either, but I think it was a really fun experience.

Showable or horrible?

I am really struggling deciding if this one is worth showing off, or just being a horrible painting.


It´s definitely not my best effort, in spite of using a solid amount of time on it. In that sense, I´m a little disappointed.

However, I´ve really been struggling for quite some time with making realistic paintings that are supposed to show off a realistic, detailed landscape in broad daylight. As I´ve mentioned before, I think some of the reason lies in not using enough time blending the colors right. I guess I also need to take some more time in making the details right, and not convince myself that a painting needs to be done in just one day.

It´s also becoming more clear that the less detailed your painting is, the more realistic it actually looks. Which I, starting up painting, believed would be the other way around. One of the examples the way I see it, is this painting from about three weeks ago:


The only real details painted on it, is the lighting of the trees/bushes and some of the clouds.

It still worked out a lot better than todays painting though. Which will be todays lesson learned, I guess.

The last 15 months

Since my last effort at painting (in reference to my last post) ended so terrible, I kind of needed a pick-me-up-post to cheer me up. So, without any restrictions on self-boosting, I gathered all my favorite paintings since starting up about 15 months ago.

The first one is the first painting I were really proud of, painted about three months after first starting up. It´s the first painting I really felt that I could show off to someone. Therefor it´s still my favorite.

The second one is probably the one that i´m most pleased with, regarding technical effort, and the third one is the one where I really felt that this hobby was something to keep building on. The rest of them are all glimpses of paintings that sometimes occur in-between not so good paintings – and some really not so good paintings – that i´m quite pleased with.

But, to make an effort in restraining all this self-boosting, I also have to show of the ones that i´m not so happy with. Like these ones:

Now, the first one.. I don´t quite know what happende there. I were actually very happy with it, especially the whale. And then, in what must have been a small aneurysm, I thought: hey, let´s paint in a giant sea monster…
I kind of still like it though, for beeing so terrible.

The rest og them is just the kind of efforts that you have to take as practice, I guess. The kind of paintings that just didn´t turn out the way you wanted them to. And believe me, there were A LOT more of them, but they all went straight to the trash without taking any photographs.

It would have been fun to post them all on here though – in the mentioned category “really not so good paintings” – but I guess you´ll just have to use your imagination picturing them.

Just to cheer me up a final time, I´ll show the sea monster painting again. I´ve given it the title: What the hell was I thinking?


And by the way. To the South African man or woman that has been visiting my blog regularly for a while: I´m really stoked that you have chosen to take an interest in my page, and hope you get some kind of joy from it. That would be awesome! It really makes me want to paint more, and I thank you for that! 🙂