A collection of time-lapse videos:

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  1. I’m curious, which painting method do you enjoy the most? I loved acrylics but found it expensive and a bit messy! Oil paints took forever to dry 😬 I’m happy creating Digitally at this moment in time.

    1. How fun to get that question!☺ I’ve definitely spent most time oil painting, but I’ve used water soluble oil paint which takes a lot less time drying. I’ve also started using water colour. This is lots of fun, since I also get the opportunity to add some ink drawings to them as well. In addition I recently startet using Procreate, which I find just wonderful. So easy to pick up and lay down between daily chores ☺ I haven’t tried acrylics enough to get a hold of it yet, but that seems like a splendid medium as well. If you asked me six months ago I would say that oils is my favourite, but now I kind of like all of them in different ways.

      1. I think it is great to try new things because it helps us to develop, like you I was new to painting, I never thought I would get the hang of digital painting and now I love the easiness of just picking it up and putting it down. If I had the space and money I would probably do more acrylic and oil painting but for now I’m happy using my xpen tablet. 👍

      2. I agree, and it sure cost some money.. But it’s so much fun trying out new mediums. In 2018 alone I’ve started using watercolour, acrylics and digital painting. I also want to try out gouache, but I think I need to use 2019 getting to know my chosen mediums better ☺ I do enjoy digital art, but nothing beats the smell of fresh paint on the pallette 😃 How long have you been painting, and what mediums have you used?☺

      3. I think I started about 15/18 months ago. My first painting was in oils and it was a fish 🐟 I all but gave up after that because it was terrible! It was only due to the encouragement from some of my followers that I continued. I tried watercolours but found it too weak in colour so I moved on to acrylic paints which I loved. I painted over one hundred canvases and they were all over our apartment! I was forever buying canvases and paints.

        Then I bought a Wacom intros draw and struggled to master drawing on the tablet whilst looking at the screen 😬 when I got better I moved on to my first x pen tablet which is basically a screen what you can paint onto directly ( a large iPad) I use the Art rage package which I personally love.

        It’s been my goal to try to paint digital paintings that look like they have been painted in acrylic paint. I don’t like digital cartoon type paintings. I have tried gouache ( it smells terrible) I loved the effect of it but the smell put me off. 😊

      4. Sounds like quite the journey ☺ I do recognize the description of having canvases all over the place though. I think it shows dedication 😃 The digital medium sounds great! I use an Ipad myself, but I do make quite a few cartoonish elements in my digital sessions☺

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