11 hours in 30 seconds..

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started using Procreate to have a go at some digital drawings.

Mostly because I’ve been curious of how this medium works, but also because it’s so easy to pick up and lay down between the daily rutines.

You just pick up your digital pencil, and get to it..

Anyway, lately I’ve been using spare time during the day doing a coloured drawing. It’s actually based on my previous watercolour painting called “bird street”:

Suburban street 2

This time though, I wanted to add some more life to it. Digital drawings have the huge advantage that you can actually erase every stroke you make on the canvas.

This makes it feel a bit like cheating, and is why I still find the physical mediums the most charming.

But the digital format gives you the opportunity and courage to try and draw completely new things.

If it turns out bad, just remove it… right?

In the watercolour painting above I also wanted to add some more life to it, but I was just so worried I would ruin the whole painting, so I ended the session as it was.

Now I tried adding both a car, people and animals to the scenery.

I knew I’d used a lot of time drawing it when I was finally done, but when I checked the file on procreate I learned that I’d actually used about 11 hours drawing it in total…..

That’s a lot of time, and quite staggering when I’ve never spent a second of them bored with the drawing.

Luckily there’s a possibility to compress the whole 11 hour session down to a 30 second time-lapse video, which you can check out below.

I’m quite happy with how the whole thing ended up, and had a blast drawing it!


First painting sold!

My first painting sold, ever, was bought from a local exhibition I participated in just a week ago.

I recently joined a local painting club in the town where I live, and after my first meeting I decided to take part in a pop-up gallery they were planning the following month.

These were the two paintings I decided to put up for show/sale:

The skill level of the other club members were a bit intimidating at first, but after a while I got more comfortable with my own paintings and stopped comparing them to everybody elses. The other members were also very supportive, and I settled with the thought that we all start out as amateurs at first.

Anyway, the pop-up gallery lasted four days, and I had absolutely no expectations regarding anyone wanting to buy the paintings.

I just felt like the exhibition was a fun step for me to take, as this was also the first time I showed of any of my paintings physically.

Well, suddenly on day three there came a message on my phone that the snowy painting was sold. To be honest it just felt surreal, as I did’nt even feel comfortable putting a price on it at all.

But it sure feels like a big step though to have sold my very first painting, and it definitely gave me an extra boost of motivation to keep on painting.

I guess I’ll buy me some more supplies for the unexpected income 🙂

Drawing different angles

Through my “On the line”-series of drawings, I’ve been trying to make out the scenery from different angles.

Some of them has a perspective from above, some below, some straight forward and some obliquely.

In my latest drawings I’ve been getting a lot closer to the main characters, though, trying to emphasize the view they’re actually seeing.

This was a totally new experience for me, and gave me a whole new dimension where I could focus on the surroundings of the birds, and not put them in center.

This is how they ended up:

On the line number 7

On the line number 8

Another comic addition

Doing my first comic digitally in my last post, I decided I wanted to do another one right away to settle the new trend.

This one, as the last one, came to me as I sat down drawing, not having any plan to start out with.

That makes it a bit hard in the end to come up with a suiting conversation for the birds, but I gave it a go anyway.

This is On the line number 5:

On the line number 5

And wouldn’t you know, the evening after I made another one.

Done in the exact same manner, this is how number six ended up:

On the line number 6


A touch of comic

As a break from drawing faces, I decided to have a go at some comic(ish) drawings the other day.

One of the drawings just appeared as I went on, not having any plan or idea of what I wanted to make as I set out.

It ended up as a sumo wrestling fight (I don’t know why…), with two slightly disproportionate competitors.

This is how it looked:

Untitled_ArtworkThe other one was an attempt on an addition to my newly started comic-idea called “On the line”.

What was kind of exciting about this version though, was the fact that I made it using procreate and not promarkers.

I think it looks much better when doing the comic inspired stuff digitally, as you get the clear contrast between colours and don’t have to struggle with making good enough photographs to show it of.

I think this’ll be a permanent change for this series.

Anyway, this is how it looked:

On the line number 4


A few more faces..

I don’t seem able to stop drawing faces at the moment.

I guess part of the reason is that I feel there’s some progress in the results I’m getting.
They still all look a bit cartoonish, but I guess I’ve accepted that it just may be my style..

As with my recent drawings, these two are also drawn using Procreate.

This is how they looked:

Digital pencil drawing

As I really enjoyed my first sessions using Procreate a while back, I couldn’t help picking up the digital pen again to do another session.

I’ve only used the pen option so far, but I decided to do a digital pencil drawing this time. I did to face drawings. One man and one woman.

There is something wrong with the eyes of the man, and the woman just don’t look real enough, I think.

But it sure was fun though, and this is how it looked: