Freshening up some jokes

I’ve been making a few attempts on some comics lately.

The drawings has been pretty decent, I think, but the jokes has felt a bit off.

Mostly because I’ve been drawing it all not knowing what jokes to crack at the end.

So I’ve basically ended up with a complete drawing every time, and then have to find some joke to suite them.

Anyway, I did an attempt to freshen up a few of them the other day.

Just trying to give them a bit more edge.

Some of them included a little twist on the drawings as well.

You can see the changes below. The old jokes to the left and the new ones to the right.

How do you think they turned out? Is there any improvement?

Fowl Play

Another digital drawing is done.

This one took about eight and a half hours to finish, most of the time being used colouring.

Untitled_Artwork kopi 11

To be honest the whole thing started out with me wanting to draw a car.

I’ve been practicing a lot on drawing them in my sketchbook, but this was an opportunity to really take some time and do it as best as I could.


Untitled_Artwork kopi 10

Suddenly there was a pig sitting behind the wheel, soon expanding to both a cow and a giraffe.

So why not put a duck in front of it all, right?

To finish it off I wanted to get some kind of wordplay into it all.

I thought for a little while, and was about to put in the text “MisconDUCKt”. After putting in most of the letters I sadly found out that it wouldn’t fit right, though.

So I finally landed on the frase “Fowl play”. Enough to get a few smiles out, perhaps.

Anyway, if you want to see the whole drawing process from scratch you can watch a full time-lapse video from the session in the window below 🙂

So how did you like it?

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts. I would love to hear them 🙂

An abstract conversation

This is a digital drawing I made a few days ago, using a special ink medium on my Ipad.

It startet out as a random doodle, really. But after seeing what I imagined was a face (the big, oval one), I decided to keep building on it.

It soon expanded to another grown person, and a small kid in the back.

I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I imagine it’s something important.

Abstract conversation

Trees, trees, trees!

I’ve been reading a book about drawing techniques lately, and one of the assignments was to draw different types of trees.

I got very inspired, and decided this would be a day dedicated to tree drawing. Learning to do it as well as possible.

So I set to work. First by drawing quick sketches of trees, and then taking some more time adding details and shadows.

Here are three of the trees:

I thought the pen drawing turned out rather nice, so I wanted to have another go at a more comprehensive drawing with a micron pen and some promarkers.

I think it went well.

There’s something really relaxing about drawing up the branches, adding some green leafs on top. Almost like a trip to the garden 🙂

Anyway, this is how it looked:

Don’t keep me wading

I can definitely be a fan of dry humor, and often enjoy having a go at it myself.

This is one of my attempts.

The whole thing started with me wanting to draw a flamingo.

I’ve tried it before, but never felt like I’ve mastered it.

So I had a go at my tablet, and thought it ended up rather good.

The black background looked a bit boring, though. So I decided to freshen it up with some colourful letters.

I thought for a while about dry and cheesy word plays I could use, and ended up with the line “Don’t keep me wading”. It did put a little smile on my face to be honest 🙂

So, if you’re reading this, what do you think?

Does the flamingo work, or should it all be in stronger colours perhaps? Do you have another flamingo joke that could’ve been used? 🙂


A red mountain. Is it anything to it?

This is the result of a very unplanned and unmotivated session.

I wanted to paint something, but didn’t know what and didn’t know how.

A recipe for a bad result, even though it can sometimes create a good outcome. It didn’t this time…

I had a canvas laying around that I spray painted black a while back. I thought it would look good if I created a strong contrast to it by adding some bright colour.

Since I had no plan going into it, the easiest way to get the job done was using a palette knife. So I started making out what I imagined was a mountain in red. I’ve made some mountains this way, which has turned out quite nice. It didn’t this time…

After about 15 minutes I was out of ideas and quite lost regarding what to do next. So I simply stopped, adding it to the collection of bad sessions.

This is how it looked:


Not good, but I wonder if anyone who’s reading this has any idea about how I could make something like this work?

Is it anything to it, or is it just not a good idea using a palette knife on a black canvas like this? I would love some thoughts on it 🙂

Just to be a bit adventurous, I decided to put the picture of the painting into photoshop and play around a bit with light and contrast.


I have to say that it did look a bit better getting the colours stronger, and a bit more fragmentet. And afterward the original painting just looked a lot more boring! 🙂

Big wave on shore

Watercolour paint gives a lot of unexpected, surprising and – often – much appreciated details that I haven’t found in any other mediums I’ve used.

Although in a less degree, this also seems to be the case for digital paintings.

Making another sea inspired, digital watercolour painting the other day, I found the details that came up in the blue ocean both unexpected and rather nice.

So I decided to test out some more digital effects, using a cotton option to dab some paint on that hopefully would turn out as a wave.

It did in some way, but maybe in a more overdramatic way than I intended. Lastly I added on a dinghy to make something more concrete out of it.

It wasn’t anything getting to excited about, but using watercolour both in real life and digitally seems to give me more surprises than any other mediums. Which is very fun!